Reality Of Making Money Online : Let’s Face It

Regardless of your doubt about the potential of internet as a money making resource, unimaginable amount of money is being made in the internet marketplace every single day. So it would be wise for you to have faith in the system and following the right direction.

Similar to the offline marketplace, billions of dollars are being spent in the internet marketplace for different products and services.If you can not make yourself a countable part of the system, sorry to say, you will not earn any significant money on internet.

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Now it’s up to you exactly what kind of involvement you want with the internet marketplace  out of so many choices  and what kind of strategy you would like to implement.

If getting involved in the buying selling process of internet marketplace is simplified, It would be like the following

Either you have to have a product or service of your own or you have to help  other people directly or indirectly to sell their product or service. No other way out indeed.

Let’s make it even simpler. It’s a no-brainer that you will make money if you sell your own digital/physical product or provide services as a freelancer or as a company. But what if you do not even dream about having a product created as your own neither you want to slave away as a freelancer?

Affiliate Marketing is the only solution. That means you are to promote other peoples product or service for a commission. This is what affiliate marketing in the simplest form. But there are different verticals in affiliate marketing and varying commission structures.

Take ClickBank.Com for example. It’s a world famous affiliate network for digital products. If you can help clickbank product sellers (vendors) to make sales as an affiliate, Clickbank will pay you lucrative commissions for that.

CPA or Cost Per Action affiliate networks will pay you if you get the right leads to their advertisers.

Take AdSense for example, running AdSense ads in your site/blog necessarily means you are helping advertisers to get targeted potential customers and you are getting paid per click from AdSense as a publisher. It’s all give and take. Nobody in the internet giving away any money for FREE.

Apparently it may seem that AdSense is easier than any other form of affiliate marketing just because you get paid per click and no selling is necessary, but unless you know the whole story of how AdSense works, you have to be satisfied with AdSense checks which is not worth mentioning.

The most common problem beginners face is getting traffic or visitors. They end up leaving the hope of making money online when after even working for long hours they can not get enough people to visit their sites or any particular offer, or getting their affiliate products sold, or any action which makes money for them.

But there is a solution to this traffic problem. The first and foremost thing is you have to really educate yourself about what you are doing. Let’s say you have decided to promote a good clickbank product to the targeted audience but you are not getting a sale mainly because you can not reach your target audience. You simply do not know how to do that.

Let’s say you have been asked to promote a certain product on internet without spending any money on Paid Advertising. Normally internet marketers first find a profitable niche market and then go for extensive keyword research followed by competitor analysis and then promotion of the product. But in this case you been given a product, so the niche market is already known.

Let’s come to the keyword research part. You have to find keywords which are searched by the potential customers when they intend to buy. Those keywords are called buyer’s keywords. So while doing keyword research, the first keyword should come from you. Then you get to see keyword ideas and choose  keywords which specifically buyers would search in search engines.

Of course you need to take the other aspects of keyword research into account. But the reality is buyer keywords make you money time and time again.

Competitor analysis has to be done extensively because no business can sustain without knowing it’s competitors. I have seen marketers who treat competitors like enemies which should not be the character. Even your competitors can be used in favour of yours.

So far SEO or Search Engines Optimization is concerned, most of the beginners and even experienced do it completely wrong. If you still don’t know what SEO is all about, it’s a combination of positive measures for your website which improves the position of your webpages on search result pages when your targeted keywords are searched.

SEO is such a vast subject that you can’t just finish learning. Old day SEO when stuffing meta tags was more than enough to rank for even so called tough keywords of today. But modern day SEO is all about providing quality content and user experience. I am not saying you do not need backlinks, yes you need it. But there is no point to optimize a webpage which is of low quality than your existing competitors.

Getting backlinks to your website is not necessarily a good thing either. If the backlinks are from low quality sites, irrelevant pages, paid, dead sites, your site will be penalized and you will receive less search traffic than you were used to. Another very important aspect of building backlinks is, you must vary the anchor texts in order to make the link profile natural in the eyes of search engines.

 You need customers to sell something. SEO is a small part of the big picture. You have the option of going for paid advertising if you have the risk taking capability. You can leave Google and target Facebook as your traffic source. There are countless paid  and FREE advertising options. SEO, PPC, Facebook are not even the end of the world. I know marketers who advertise on classified sites to promote different Clickbank products.

So the gist of the whole point is educating yourself about your specific field of internet marketing. Otherwise you can not set a authentic line of action to achieve desired results.

I am going to launch a product on how to make money from AdSense. It will be a step by step actionable  guide with Ebooks and video tutorials about everything you require to be successful with AdSense. SEO will be explained in such a way so that you will be an SEO Expert. You can easily make $20-$100 everyday from AdSense with the step by step guide I am about to launch.

As you already know that I am an honest marketer who is never mad after your  hard earned money. You can like our facebook Fanpage or subscribe with email at the upper right corner to get notified of the product launch. Thanks for being with me. Wish you success.

Hi. This is Chandan Das. I prefer to introduce myself as an SEO consultant as well as an Internet marketer besides being an Engineer from IIEST, Shibpur. I make most of my money Online as an AdSense Publisher. SEO consultancy & my day job adds to it. Helping beginners to show them the right path and strategies of making money online since 2011. Know more at OnlineMoneyKey.Com

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  1. It’s very good and informative but i think i am to far till know from my target that “how to make money using internet”..can you please suggest some ways of making money online?


    • A step by step actionable guide to make money online with AdSense which i am working on since last 4 months is almost done. I will launch it on 1st April, 2013. Keep in touch.

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