Make Money Online in India : An Adsense Gameplan

In all probability you are an Indian and want to make money online. Healthy thought indeed. Statistics says that the success rate in earning money online is as low as 5%. That means 95% people who aspired to make a profitable online business failed miserably. In order to become successful with an online career you need to follow people who do it successfully and  not those who just talk. Making money online is not that tougher but takes a lot of your time and energy and obviously some investments as in other business. I suggest you to go through major ways of making money online if you still do not have any idea.

AdSense income proof

Now let us talk about the apparently easy way to make money online in India. Google AdSense. Wannabe publishers are of the wrong conception that creating a website or a blog, writing an article or two, getting some people and have them click on the ads would earn them lot of money. That does not really happen.

In order to become successful with AdSense you do not need to reinvent the wheel once again, just follow people who do it successfully not those who just talk about it. You need to build up quality websites based upon the market research and keyword research. Neither Google nor its advertisers like to place ads on a Made-For-AdSense (MFA) site. You should attempt on making bigger sites with lot of quality unique relevant contents focused on a niche and  provide visitors a reason to visit. Without the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics you simply can not succeed with AdSense.

You can’t make money with duplicate content. Publishing, copied content or overused PLR (Not rewritten or spun) articles and pasting AdSense ad code will not do any good for you. Rather chances of getting your account banned is highly likely in that case.

You can’t make significant money from AdSense only with social media traffic. It’s not like social media traffic do not know how to click. Probability of clicking is 0.5% or less as because they come to your web page to know what  you have to say like a happy surfer  and will get back to what they were doing. And hence not targeted traffic. You need to do very boring stuffs to keep up those traffic even. Solely depend upon search engine traffic. Implement SEO techniques. Traffic would be increasing with time after a certain point.

You can’t make any significant money with AdSense without proper Market research and keyword research. You could turn out to be a serious blogger in writing about your likings and passions but it may so happen there is no advertisers to bid for the keyword you are writing for.

So you are to find out a market where people spend money. And find out exactly what they want to buy. Where exactly is their problem. What are there search behavior. What are the keywords that buyers search. Though you do not have to sell, you would get amazing CTR (click through rate).if you go by this. Another great  tip is try to target a niche where visitors are less concerned with adsense ads. Chances of a visitor(having knowledge of Google ads) to click on an ad is almost 0%.

A free  keyword research tool provided by Google AdWords would suffice for your keyword research. Check whether you are picking up the right topic for your blog or website by analyzing the availability of advertisers, average cost per click and Profitability of the keyword.

Note : Importance of keyword research tool and it’s efficacy has got lot to do with your internet marketing endeavor. This is something which comes first. And the rest follows. Quality of better salesman speaks this is your online money key. If you do not do it or do it wrong, no hope for you.

What it takes to make money from AdSense?

Keyword Research

A quality website or blog masterminded based upon keyword research. let me tell you a simple thing here. Where the money is offline, so in online. Learn More about keyword research here.

Search Engine friendly website design or blog design

Search Engine Optimization to render your site indexed in major search engines for the keyword you are targeting. Because you need people to click on ads and expect a better conversion rate of those product in order to retain safe distance from  smart-pricing. Search engine visitors are perfect for AdSense sites.

Get Your Content Ready

You yourself have to write those articles. Because there is nothing which can be a substitute of unique articles. It’s much better than rewritten PLR articles. You can outsource the writing to someone else but do not compromise the quality of your content.

Get Going With Standard SEO Practice

Its not like SEO is a post web design activity. From the very beginning of selection of your domain name, a hosting with 99.99% up-time and search engine friendly web designing to the ranking of web pages for the desired keyword are something which would bring a decent flow of money.  Search engine optimization is a must to make money online in India. Even frauds do SEO to become big fucking fraudster. Anyways you need to know at least basic level SEO in order to survive or making more money online.

I will tell you about the basic SEO once again. You have already selected your keywords. When writing content put your keyword in the title of the content and maintain 2.5-4% keyword density inside the content. Inject LSI keywords inside your content. Keyword country is again there for you to give you a list of LSI keywords of the main keyword on which you like to make a page. use heading tags.  Solve canonical issues. Use robots.txt to block unwanted pages from getting indexed. Use meta description tag.  Use image with alternate tags. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google.   Keep writing articles following this ethical techniques.  After you cross ten, come out form your own website or blog. You have to build link. Some directory submissions, Comments on other blogs, In-content inbound links pointing to your website with keyword rich anchor texts with a variation of anchor texts. You have to build links in a natural looking way. Otherwise getting delisted from the SERP is inevitable.

In the first phase of website you should not go for heavy link building for your website or blog. Go slow but steady. Your search engine ranking would be elevated gradually. Dominating or at least getting to stay ate 1st page of SERP is something you should work for. Get some important AdSense  tips from Amit Agarwal. Write more articles with the same principle and multiply your  income.This is how you can make money online in India with AdSense.

Hi. This is Chandan Das. I prefer to introduce myself as an SEO consultant as well as an Internet marketer besides being an Engineer from IIEST, Shibpur. I make most of my money Online as an AdSense Publisher. SEO consultancy & my day job adds to it. Helping beginners to show them the right path and strategies of making money online since 2011. Know more at OnlineMoneyKey.Com

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20 comments to Make Money Online in India : An Adsense Gameplan

  • V3King

    Good One…. Like It.

  • Manab Das

    90% of the informations regarding online job or online money making programmes available on internet are either fake or false and the rest 10% are misleading.This is the hard reality.Internet can easily make you a foolish fellow.Run away immediately otherwise you would lose everything.

    • @Manab, You surely need to alter how you think. Try to become somewhat matured. You are right when you say most of the information regarding making money are misleading, fake false etc. But what about the rest 10%? Don’t you believe that making money online is feasible and lot of people do it? If you don’t then in all probability you couldn’t grow yourself up.

  • Anand

    @Chandan: If you are just over crossing the statement of Manab, whynot you put some exact stuff for online money earning and may be many of us start following you. :)

    • See Anand, I generally suggest people to create AdSense sites to make significant amount of money online. The above post will help you get started with it. Another good online money making model is Affiliate marketing which is about selling other peoples products. You can sell your own services online as a freelancer too to make big times. Thanks for your comment.

  • lohith

    i don’t have my own computer to start a new web site.. Please advice me how i can earn money easily.. Please help me. i’m in very need of money……

    • Owning a computer is not a must to create a website of your own but it’s recommended. You still can work from Cyber Cafe but that would not be cost effective because you can’t start earning from the day one.

  • Mukesh Panda

    please help me how to earn money on google adsense through blogger i am from orissa please give some guide to me

  • Tara

    I applied for google adsense and its been more than a 6 months but still is not verified do you have any idea what might be the reason.

    • Hi Tara, I would suggest you to have a contact page where people can really contact you. Better you use contact form 7 plugin for your contact page. You can link up your facebook, twitter & G+ profile too. Give your email adress & location. Create about, Privacy policy, Terms of use, Disclaimer pages too. Most importantly try to develop the appearance of your site. It’s always better to remove all the ads before you apply to AdSense. Hope it helps.You can contact me through my get-in-touch page in this regard. Thanks for asking me.

  • chinmay

    hi Chandan,
    i go through your valuable opinion. but still confused that how to make money online.
    i hope to hear from you in soon.

  • joydeb

    Please advice me how i can earn money easily.. Please help me. i’m in very need of money……

    • Hi Joydeb, easy way to earn money online is to start a blog and running AdSense on it. I suggest you to read the tutorials and other guides available here at OnlineMoneyKey.Com to understand the concept and take action accordingly.

  • vijay kumar

    hi chandan ,

    It is not simple for any beginner to earn online money from blogger or buying/selling jobs. if u reply in given email in step wise then it would help really lots of students who are working part time and going to college.

    • Chandan

      Hi Vijay Kumar, Making money is never easy, especially online. But the kind of guidance I provide really works because I personally use the same strategies. If you are in search of a step by step guide to make money from AdSense, get AdSense Cash Formula

  • sunny

    Dear Chandan,

    i just wanted your adsense cash fomula for step by step information to start blogging and start earn with adsense.
    now i just found that this foumula is not available then what should i do.
    Hoping you will give me guidance.

  • Please check my website. Google Adsense informed ” insufficient content” Ignore ADs I will remove that if need be. My astropedia page has articles on it.

  • Great content and advice around blogging/adsense. I notice the last comment is from the year 2013 – but still the article and the contents are very relevant. I liked the candid part of the article.

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