How to Get Better CTR on AdSense Ads

Almost all the AdSense publishers know all the available free tips and tricks on how to increase AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate). I would like to add some more to it which may prove to be useful for you. The most important tip of all is to listen to what Google has to say regarding AdSense Optimization. By that way you would never go against its program policies just to get higher CTR and your account will be in good standing. Let us go straight to the strategies which may bring good CTR.
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Placement of AdSense Ads 

 Optimum placement of AdSense ads depends upon the template of your site or blog. You should keep changing the placement of your ads and watch which placement works best for your site. You can have a look what Google has to say about AdSense placement

Colour Combination of Ads

 Optimum colour combination has to be in accordance with the theme of your template. Here also the keyword is research. Google’s default colour combination could also bring higher CTR for you. You just have to check it out  whether blending or mis- match work for you. Whether gorgeous design or the simplest one. You will never go wrong if you follow the colour combination of authority sites running AdSense ads. For example, About.Com.

Relevancy Maintaining

This factor has got a major impact in increasing AdSense CTR. If your content fails to attract relevant ads then please do not expect higher CTR. If your health blog displays an ad about mp3 download , is it likely to get any clicks? To maintain ad relevancy you have to master a little bit of SEO. Only section targeting will not do. You need to know about on page optimization like insertion of keyword in the title tag , heading tag, and maintaining a tolerable keyword density and most importantly some LSI (Latent semantic Indexing) keywords needs be inserted within the content in order to  attract relevant ads and achieve higher CTR.
I should tell you another important thing in this regard. You need quality inbound links pointing to your AdSense blog or site with keyword rich anchor texts to get more relevant ads because AdSense bot (previously media bot) follows links and onpage relevancy of the page  and then decides what kind of ads are to be displayed. But a word of caution here, don’t ever use the same keyword as your anchor text again and again. All you need is a good mix up of your main and related keywords while building links.

Lessening Exit Roots

If a page showing AdSense ads are with so many outbound links (OBL) allowing visitors to exit the page without clicking your money making elements, could you tolerate? So you should lessen the links up to possible extent and ensure when a visitor leaves your page he must be leaving by clicking your AdSense ad. But this trick is an old one. If you want to direct your site visitors to a genuine resource (your other webpages or other people’s websites) you should always do that. Just for the sake of getting more AdSense clicks you should not deprive your visitors from getting the information they may need to know.

Competitive ad filtering and blocking of unwanted ads and ads with AdSense arbitrage strategy  gives a hike in AdSense CTR.

But as because AdSense is an auction based ad publishing platform, it’s never wise to exclude advertisers from your site. As you allow each and every advertiser to publish ad on your site, more competition will be created and you will make more money for sure.
I guess you might be knowing the points I have already pointed out. But I am about to tell you an eye opening simple secret to increase your  AdSense CTR.

Different Type of Contents Get Different  CTR

It’s so simple. Chances of clicking depend upon who exactly your visitors are.  If your visitors are already aware of AdSense ads , chances are very less for them to click. Those who know that you can earn money utilizing his clicking activities, will be away from clicking. This is the very reason why blogs related to blogging and internet savvy visitors produce very lesser CTR. And there are freaks around, even if the ad interests him, he will either Google it or find the page directly from the browser , but he is never going to click at any cost.
But if your visitors seem to be having no knowledge of Google AdSense ads, they may click your ads like anything if the above factors are optimized as explained. if your visitors are mostly teens and children, no doubt you will be getting a higher  CTR. So you can go for niches having loads of happy clickers and build sites around them. Good luck.

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