How Can College Students Earn Money Online in India

College students often feel the urge to earn some extra money online to  make life easier & better inside the campus. Healthy thought.  But the usual scenario is they fail at it. It’s never a fault of college students. It’s about getting to know the real feasible ways to earn money online. online jobs for college tudents in india

College students of India, you should keep one thing in mind, Internet is full of fraudsters. It’s very harder to find genuine information and genuine sites where you can earn some extra money online. Today I will tell you how you can do it without spending a single rupee.

College students come searching for online jobs and in return they are offered fake data entry, Paid to click, paid surveys and other craps  asking  money from them. They are not told what they do deserve.

Now before I begin I want you to know the proven ways to earn money  in India. First of all you are a student and you have your studies to complete. You can’t go online for all the time ensuring your future deep down the Ganges. If you can utilize your free time to do some constructive stuffs on Internet, there is hope for you. Starting a blog from the scratch and getting it ranked in search engines result pages would be a real tough job for a college student.But writing on a subject you love and have expertise with can earn you money online in India.

I will tell you about some AdSense revenue sharing sites where you can get paid for writing only. Concept is simple. Adsense is Googles Ad publishing product. Advertisers all over the world advertise in Googles Adword program and Google publishes those Ads through AdSense. Website/blog owners publishes Adsense ads on their sites and get paid by Google if website visitors click on those ads. This is called pay per click. Google charges advertisers for every click, takes a cut and gives the rest to Publisher of Ads.

I recommend you join Hubpages where you have to create hubs or articles and get an AdSense account through Hubpages to run  Ads in your hubs. Everything will be taken over by Hubpages Administrator. Your only work is to write with a knowledge of on page SEO & building some links to your hub from other related webpages/websites. Hubpage is basically a revenue sharing site, the revenue you will be earning from ads will be divided into 60-40 ratio. 60% is yours. And Hubpage keeps the rest 40%. But see you are spared from maintaing a blog or website of your own & it would be easy for you get your articles/hubs indexed in the search engine’s result pages as because you are writing on an established & trusted domain. Signing up for Hubppages is absolutely free.

With the same concept explained above I suggest you join Bukisa & IndiaStudyChannel where you  college students will get paid for writing.

I did not recommend you blogging because it takes time to become successful with blogging and earning money from it. In case you want to know about it.. go through this clear guide to earn without investment .

What will you write?

I knew you would be asking this question. If I were you, I would have written about my major subjects of my discipline. That way your college studies would not be hampered much. I would have written about my interests. But one thing to keep in mind here, you need to do a little bit of keyword research before you start writing on something as because your ultimate aim is to earn money from writing and not mere helping others.

To learn about keyword research I recommend you a reading and conceptualizing    (I) What and why keyword research

(II) Guide to conduct keyword research

How will I get Paid?

Healthy inquisitiveness. You can receive money by Checks, Credit Cards, PayPal, AlertPay etc.

Now it’s over to you. Let me know through comments how did you take it. Happy writing & earning money online.

Hi. This is Chandan Das. I prefer to introduce myself as an SEO consultant as well as an Internet marketer besides being an Engineer from IIEST, Shibpur. I make most of my money Online as an AdSense Publisher. SEO consultancy & my day job adds to it. Helping beginners to show them the right path and strategies of making money online since 2011. Know more at OnlineMoneyKey.Com

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  1. ravi patel says:

    I will do work according your guidelines.Plz send me all detail as soon as possible.Thank you.

  2. this is good and interesting give me more details and feed backs about money making through internet works

  3. hemant jain says:

    Nice post to make money online.
    i joined hubpages.
    Lets see how much can i earn.

    But thanks

  4. it was helpful…lets c wt happens.thanks

  5. well all i can say to you is Thankyou so very much……!


  7. Maulana Malik says:

    Thanks , I’ve recently been looking for information approximately this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have discovered till now. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the source?

  8. Mousumi Basak says:

    Hi m mousumi frm Assam,thnx 4 d infrmation,send details on my e-mail id.I want dis job.

  9. Hey Chandan. This is the first most delivering article i’ve ever came across the internet to help the college students of India earn money online. I really appreciate that.

  10. I am already publishing my write-ups on hubpages but they pay .01 euro per 10 clicks. How can I able to expand the visitors ? I published around 8 articles but haven’t earned a single euro. To be able to earn even 10 euro , I be needing thousands of clicks daily.

    Any advice regarding it ? I can write but where should I to get better payments ?

    • @Kanav, lot of publishers used to earn significant amount of money from Hubpages in the past. In order to earn good money you need to understand the Keyword research and SEO aspect before you publish your articles. You can expand your visitor base by implementing good SEO techniques and engaging in social medias. AdSense does pay way bigger than the amount you let me know. If you do not find Hubpages to be rewarding, I suggest you to create your own blog and keep publishing quality articles. Go for blogger blog if you want to do it without investment and premium wordpress if you can afford some. For any kind of help contact me here. Thanks.

  11. hey chandan u know wat is iforex

    • Hi Ronald, thanks for commenting.iForex is basically a Forex Trading Broker. In order to take part in Forex Trading (Foreign currency trading) one must use any of the brokers enlisted. iForex is one of them. Try to read enough unbiased reviews before joining any of these platforms.

  12. nishant kumar says:

    chandan sir,
    I am getting this really tough in fnding legitimate ptc websites.I want to earn real cash but don’t know the exact way.I have an important question to ask to u and that is I want to open or run a ptc website of my own where others and myself can make money.I want to know the entire legitimate procedure.From where will i get all the certificates and affiliates for my website.Do reply me for my query in the best way.

    • Hi Nishant, sorry for replying late.First of all your comment is never removed. I do moderate all the comments before I publish them. You must be considerate while hoping to get reply to your questions as because I may have another work to do. So you want to launch your own PTC site. Good thought. You can copy the model of Clixense.Com as it is a legitimate PTC site. Or else you can visit for other legit ptc site models. You need minimum 50k to 100k (INR)to get started.Talk to developers in this regard. You should have a registered trade name and payment gateways like paypal (business account), alertpay etc.You need to spend on domain and hosting. When your site gets bigger you need to spend even more on hosting. But the main problem you will find in getting advertisers as because you are new. You need to have a team of marketers who would convince potential advertisers to advertise on your site. If you can rank for relevant keywords in major search engines, you can expect more business. To ask further questions contact me here

  13. krishnakumar says:

    you have made a nice attempt to make people aware of the fraud websites. congratulations!!

  14. This certainly will bring knowledge and awareness to college students about fraudulent websites. Very informative and useful articles.

  15. hi,sir. i created a blog recently. i want to do some part time job. please tell me that how i earn money by using my blog. please check my blog once and give me suggestions to improve my blog and earn online money.

    • Pavankumar, I had a look at your blog. You are doing it wrong. The domain you took is ok. But your blog title should be changed to something like “Networking technology or other general terms which represents your industry. Your present blog title should be a post title. You will have to write on different topics related to networking by different posts. Build a better blog. Let some visitors come in in a daily basis. Then think of making money out of it. Thanks.

  16. Thanx for the details which u hav posted.
    But most of us cudnt get u..
    Can u expand ur details step by step what to do…
    Like 1.
    3. ……
    Please i m in need of money please chandan

    • Sneha, how do you know that most of the readers are not getting it? To learn to make money online you need to be a little studious and lend your attention to what other articles of this site or what other experts have to say.

  17. Sir, could you please tell me on which site should i create my account? i mean something like paypal.but one which does not charge for recieveing money..

    • PayPal is a standard one. There are alternative payment gateways (Alertpay) too. Sometimes you have to open up an account according to the payment system you are receiving the payment from.

  18. Mahendra says:

    plz send me on my email id all information about online earn money

  19. Hi Chandan!
    Your article is really helpful 🙂
    But the sites ask for some advance US dollars to get started. How can we trust them?
    And how can we pay almost an amount of 20$ without even being sure that we wil get back even more?
    Please guide me.
    I really need to earn some money

    • Hi Ishita, Which site you are talking about? Contact me here

      • Hello sir, I want to start a blogging site of my own where I am planning to post articles relating to mba studies every week. These articles are going to help mba students in developing their knowledge and also will help them to score well. I also want them to interact in my blog. I am planning to do this as a full time business in future. Please let me know how I can make money when others read my articles. I am completely unaware since I am not an it graduate. Please tell what I have to do. You can mail me to

        • Hi Sameera, I appreciate your enthusiasm. There is nothing wrong if you could help MBA aspirants by publishing quality online content.As explined in the article, you can display Google AdSense ads in your blog/site and earn from valid clicks by your site visitors. Learn to use Google to find the information you need. Almost everything is free. But you need to think before you consider internet marketing as a substitute of real job because there are risks involved. I would suggest you to take internet marketing/creating profitable websites/blog as an extra income source. If you want organised information and my personal help, consider having a look on AdSense Cash Formula. Sorry for late reply.

  20. prashant singh says:

    hello sir , its very good knowladge given by you for beginers like us , it has undoubtdly increasd my awareness toward websites and their internal functioning .
    so, i want to learn more and become the part of this fast growing world of learing and earning via internet.
    please, guide me more….by seending your useful suggestions and earning tricks
    kindly reply , i am in immense need.

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