Google PR

Google PR or Google Page Rank is one of the important site metrics to judge the link popularity of a site/webpage. Concept of PR had been developed by Larry Page and Sergy Brin (Founder of Google). It ranges between 0 to 10. Higher the PR better it is. Higher the PR of your competitor tougher it is for you to outrank him in the Search Engine result pages.

It’s called Page Rank according to the name of Larry Page and not a rank of a web page.

Though the calculation of PR is very very intricate, a comprehensive and easier format to understand the calculation of PR is like below.

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

Where PR(A)=Google PR of page A

d=Constant=Damping factor=Probability of  clicking any of the search results by a random surfer. this constant is considered to be 0.85, which means 15% searchers may not click any of the search results while they search.

PR(t1)=PR of a page linking to the page we are calculating the PR of.

C(t1)=No of out bound links from the same page.

PR(t2)=PR of another page linking to the page we are calculating the PR of.

C(t2)=No of out bound links from the same page.

and on..This is how the PR is calculated.

How do you get to know the PR of a domain or web page?

Previously marketers used to install google toolbar addon in the Mozilla Firefox browser to check PR but recently Mozilla updated it’s browser to the extent and Google didn’t make their toolbar compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Though you can install Google toolbar in the latest version of Firefox in a tricky way, it doesn’t function sometimes.

Better solution is to install a plugin in your Google Chrome browser. The plugin is called SEO for Chrome. You can easily check Google PR along with other site metrics.

So from the above formula it is quite evident that

You should try to get links from pages having higher PR with less outbound links in order to increase the PR of your webpage and the authority as well.

Please do not be obsessed with PR

Though it is an important site metrics, web masters should not be that obsessed with it. You will get to see lot of web pages ranking higher than a webpage having higher PR. So it’s not only PR which ranks your page better. There are other important site metrics which count. Most importantly the quality of the content and good onsite SEO.

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